Hello. Welcome to The Inky Scribe.

My name is Priya de Langen, the face behind the site.

I have been an editor and journalist for more than 10 years. My foray into journalism started in Singapore with me getting an assistant editor position of an infrastructure/architecture B2B magazine. After which, I moved on to writing and editing for luxury lifestyle magazines.

Eventually, I ventured into editing and writing for an international HR/business print and online magazine (HRM Asia) on topics that ranged from talent management to leadership and succession planning. I have always been interested in talking to organisations to find out what makes them tick and how they attract and retain talent. During my time in HRM Asia, I interviewed numerous C-suite professionals to business experts from companies such as Google, Zappos, Carl Zeiss, Sony APAC (to name a few).

I have also contributed to an Australia-based international current affairs online magazine, Crikey with stories such as the impact of MH17 on the Dutch and ICJ’s ruling against Japan on whaling.

Producing press releases, writing sharp advertorials and copy and contributing content for websites are other work that I have completed over the years.

In 2012, I moved to the Netherlands with my husband.  In these six years, I have worked as an editor for a scientific organisation for two years and have established my own company, The Inky Scribe, freelancing for different organisations including Randstad SourceRight and Together Abroad.